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The impact of using lightboxes

If you’re newly registerd to iStockphoto or other stockphoto agencies, this might be interesting for you to increase your sales with minimum effort.

Most agencies allow photographs to created “lightboxes” which is basically nothing else than a gallery you create covering your best photos concerning a certain topic. The good thing is, that you’re also allowed to create graphical banners (including HTML code) to promote your lightboxes/related pictures. That way, you can highlight your alternative offers to customers and highten the chance of a purchase.
For example:

At iStockphoto you’ll find two different types of lightboxes.

1) lightboxes containing less than 20 photos remain private lightboxes and can only be positioned as link underneath your photos. This means, that a potential customer needs to view/click one of your photos first. Although, this is a good marketing opportunity since potential customers take notice of your related photos as well.

2) lightboxes containing more than 20 photos. It’s up to you then to make them “public” or still keep them as private lightbox only. Once you opted them public, customers have the chance to find them in their search results in a special lightbox search engine which  – above average – ramps up your sales then.

Our 2009 statistics showed, that using lighboxes on iStockphoto increased our sales by +30%. So, if you like, give it a try.

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